Do’s and Don’ts of Using Twitter

Just in case you have been living under a rock lately, Twitter is all the rage in Social Media these days. The information to follow are some things you should keep in mind if you plan to use Twitter.

Before we begin it would be wise to brush up on some Twitter slang terms. New Twitter terms are continually being invented and added but here are a few very commonly used terms to get you started on the right path.

A “Tweet” means one message.

“Tweets” mean more then one message

“Tweeting” What you happen to be dong when you are posting your message

“Peeps” People in the Twitter community who are following you

“RT” or “Re-Tweet”… Reposting a tweet.

Things that you should do.

You need to follow master peeps, whoever they might happen to be.

Post in bullet point fashion.

You need to comment as well as compliment your fellow peeps.

Make sure that you are making quality posts.

Make sure to post a profile picture.

Get your website or blog URL in your Twitter profile.

If you are able post videos that will be a help to someone else

Be sure to use tinyurl services like,, and others to shrink those huge URL’s

Be sure to post twitter badge on your MySpace, Facebook and other social media networks that you use.

Be sure to use Gr8 for the word great, w/ for with and so on and so forth.

Things you should not be doing

Do not constantly make posts about your business

Do not give a play by play of all the details of your life

Try to steer clear of using product pictures for your profile picture

Do not follow people who do not tweet very often

Do not dis your fellow peeps.

Do not post a bunch of false statements

Steer away from foul language

No pointless tweeting marathons

Try not to be boring

Always try to reply to direct messages unless of coure they are negative

Follow these suggestions and you will find that you fit right in while in the world of Twitterland.


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