Advantages of Internet Marketing Online Tools

In every marketer’s toolbox there are critical essentials for successful communication. If you have been mostly an “offline” marketer you may not be familiar with some of the tools we have “online”.

One of the most useful tools is called an “Auto-Responder”.This tool allows you to do critical follow-up to all your prospects. And the best part is it does it automatically.This frees up your time substantially. You don’t have to sit and type individual messages to each prospect. Once you have all your communications downloaded you decide what sequence and how many days in between you want your messages sent out.

Why is this so important? Well usually a prospective prospect has to look at you as someone who has credibility before they determine to do business with you. When they see your name and message on a continual basis you start to become “branded” in the customers mind. You look more professional not some fly by night.

Now in some circles the experts say unless you are willing to follow-up at least (7) times you are wasting your time, effort,and money. The fortune is in the follow-up. That is why this tool is so essential to your success as a marketer. It is your silent sales partner that works 24/7.

So whether you sell a product, service, or bizz-opp this is a must have. I cannot tell you how many times people called or emailed me after 4or5 contacts. That is why you see the same ads in the classifieds all the time. Most people will not do business after only one contact. It just doesn’t happen often. To check out this amazing tool all you have to do is plug in auto-responder in Google and you will get all the information you need.

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